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There are many micro finances company that cater for the rural economically backward section.


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About Rapid Micro RS

We at Rapid Micro RS are engaged in the task of development of the urban slum economically backward section. To support economically weaker households in the urban slum area through provision of hassle free micro financial services and financial literacy. The term “slum” is defined as an area resided in yet unsuited for human habitation. These places are deemed unfit if they are a hazard to human health and safety due to lack of space, ventilation, cleanliness and other factors. These areas also lack hygienic drinking water facilities, functional bathroom areas and plumbing.

The objects of Rapid Micro RS are:

  • Rapid Micro RS employs inclusive system of beneficiary selection whereby the credibility of the member is comprehensively verified through documentary evidence such as Residence proof and Identity Proof. Credit history of beneficiary is always verified through credit bureaus agencies like TransUnion CIBIL, Equifax, Experian and CRIF Highmark.

  • To engage in the task of development and empowerment of urban economically backward sections, poor from the under privileged categories and communities and to establish, setup, conduct, aid, help or otherwise support agencies engaged in the aforesaid tasks.
  • To support the objects of urban slums, community based organizations, self-help groups and service organizations in building assets for disadvantaged people and providing resources for their livelihood without having sacrifice to their self-respected and to support the establishment of board based locally rooted private sector which honour its social and environmental obligations.

  • To reduce poverty in India, by carrying on the business of providing support assistance, to the poor section of the population for their socio-economic development in sustainable manner and other resources to persons belong to poorer urban sections either individually or joined together as self-help groups, not with the motive of profit.
  • To give an opportunity to urban people in the low-income group to become self-sufficient. Offer banking services at small monetary amounts. To provide financial assistance to individuals who work in varied trades like transportation, fishing, carpentry etc.

  • To provide financial services to the poor who have little or no access to commercial bank services and to help encourage entrepreneurs in impoverished nations to act on their ideas and obtain the financial tools available to do so and to eventually become self-sustainable.
  • To give financial services such as savings account, insurance funds, and credit provided to poor and low-income clients so as to help them increase their income, thereby improving their standard of living. The basic feature of the microfinance is that these are the loans given without security.

  • To provide financial literacy to improve their ability to manage the finances to eventually increase personal wealth, protect their families and to secure a future for their families, and better retirement